Morgan Stanley: 10 Trends to Watch

Morgan Stanley The Economy + Internet Trends  is a comprehensive 68 page slide deck from Morgan Stanley.  It was released in October 2009.  It provides a list of 10 trends and then supports that lists with lots of evidence. 

The first two trends relate to the economy and then the last eight related to mobile internet technology. 

  1. Financial Markets Have Rebounded, Technology Sector = Relatively Impressive.
  2. Leading Economic Indicators Seem to Have Turned Corner, Coincident / Lagging Indicators Still Weak.
  3. Mobile Internet Usage Is and Will Be Bigger than Most Think
  4. Apple Mobile Share Should Surprise on Upside Near Term
  5. Next Generation Platforms (Social Networking + Mobile) are Driving Unprecedented Change in Communications + Commerce
  6. Mobile in Japan + Desktop Internet Provide Roadmaps for Mobile Growth + Monetization
  7. 3G Adoption / Trends Vary by Geography
  8. Carriers in USA / W. Europe Face Surging Network Demand But Uncertain Economics.
  9. Regulators Can Help Advance / Slow Mobile Internet Evolution
  10. Mobile-Related Share Shifts Will Create / Destroy Material Shareholder Wealth

There’s an interesting slide on page 62 of the deck.  The slide shows the winners (wealth creation) from previous technology cycles (eg. Mainframe computing, Minis = Digital Equip/HP, Personal Computing = Microsoft, Intel,  Desktop Internet = Google, AOL).  Morgan Stanley says the next technology cycle will be the Mobile Internet and poses the question as to what companies will create the most wealth from the Mobile Internet. 

For more information, get the pdf file Economy + Internet Trends

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  1. Thanks for this post….the summary is great and thanks to the link to the pdf file. It provides a list of 10 trends and then supports that lists with lots of evidence.

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