MS and Google: Searching Social Media

Searching for information is so much a part of my job.  Frequently when on an intense research project, I find myself day dreaming of search keyword string being entered into the Google search bar.  But over the past year, I’m increasingly finding myself using other search engines that crawl the social media sites.  I now have a list of about 15 social search engines that I use depending on what type of information I am looking for.

As social computing technology continues to result in growth of social networking and social media sites, searching for content on all these sites is becoming more and more important.  Social search is the next big thing in search engines and over the last week or so, there have been some big changes in the social search marketplace.

Both Google and Microsoft announced deals to improve their search engines.  Both Microsoft and Google both made deals with Twitter to include tweets in their real-time social search results.  But Microsoft did Google one better and announced it will also include content from Facebook. 

Microsoft’s Bing users will will be able to search Twitter status updates or navigate the most popular topics currently being discussed on Twitter via a tag cloud.  Bing will search the last seven days, of content and will be organized into 1) Tweets and 2) Frequently shared links

Google’s Social Search, still in beta, works off your Google profile (you have to opt-in) and prioritizes results from your friends' Twitter feeds, FriendFeed updates, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, and Picasa libraries.  For more on Google search, check out this 3 minute video

These announcements signal that the big search engines have recognized the importance of social search to their future. As the social movement continues to grow and people's hunger for real-time content increases, search companies are actively looking to provide the most value and relevant search results.

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