Other Social Networking Websites

Beyond Facebook, Myspace and twitter, ATT.net had on its front page this week a list of some social networking websites I had never heard of. These show the potential of networking on basically any topic of interest: work, sports, art, books, support groups, generation issues.

SportSymphony – www.sportsymphony.com    Sport Symphony is sports social network intended for amateur and recreational athletes. It allows members to upload and share sports video and images, helps teams find members and members to find teams, assists coordinators with the organization of sporting events, and enables recreational centers to promote and manage sports leagues.
Virb – www.virb.com/  Viirb is an artistic network that proclaims itself to be a community where its members can contribute photo and video media portfolios. Virb allows members to share their interests in a simple online format.

Meetup – www.meetup.com  From Bar-Hoppers in Atlanta to the Web Content Mavens in Washington DC, Meetup has created a place where local groups of any kind can organize face-to-face "meetups."

Eons – www.eons.com   Eons is an online community targeting baby boomers. It offers games, photo and video sharing, groups, forums, and health and fitness information specifically targeting the needs of baby boomers.

LibraryThing – www.librarything.com A site for book lovers, LibraryThing is an online book club that allows you to catalog your books while connecting you with other readers based on similar book prefrences.
Yammer – www.yammer.com Yammer is a corporate social network and productivity tool that allows members to connect and share with people within their company or organization.

Epernicus – www.epernicus.comEpernicus is a professional networking site for research scientists. It allows researchers all over the world to connect and expand their network to help make advancements in their research.

Disaboom – www.disaboom.com Disaboom connects individuals living with disabilities or those caring for someone with disabilities. This support network offers articles, blogs, forums, and health information on a range of disabilities.

CafeMom – www.cafemom.com CafeMom is a social network for moms and moms-to-be. It is a support network connecting experienced and new moms offering advice, how-to articles, and anything that you may need to know about being a mom.

Happy social networking!