ReadWriteWeb: 10 Enterprise Trends To Watch in 2010

ReadWriteWeb Enterprise Every year I always check in to see what trend articles are on ReadWriteWeb.  I found a two-post (5 trends earch) article by Alex Williams titled Enterprise Trends To Watch in 2010

The list of ten trends provides a perspective on what the enterprise can expect in the year ahead.   On the list you’ll see collaboration, API's, web-oriented architectures, and (my favorite) the emergence of community management as a required job function in the modern enterprise.

Here’s my summary of the list

  1. Mashups:   Alex says we’ll see a resurgence of focus on Mashups thanks to the incredible power of cloud computing. 
  2. Collaboration:  This is certainly a huge trend.  Alex says to expect the market to shake out a bit.
  3. Real-Time Enterprise:   In 2010 watch for real-time technologies and services to help make information more transparent.
  4. The Mobile Enterprise:  Watch for an increase in enterprise apps for mobile devices and with that will come issues for IT departments.  Alex expects data security to be a hot issue.
  5. SaaS Integrations:  Watch for further integration of third-party applications into any number of platforms. 
  6. API's:   Alex points out that increased use of API's will be required as more companies adopt collaboration and social technologies as communication and productivity applications.
  7. Web Oriented Architecture (WOA):  Enterprise application architectures will be increasingly perceived as dynamic, configurable items.
  8. Community Management:  Alex expects community management to become an increasingly valued role.  (I say its about time!!!)
  9. VoIP:  Web-based communications will increase as web-based applications and features enter the market. .
  10. The Big Sync:   Alex points out that the cloud computing trend will drive the requirement for better synching applications, especially for mobile computing.

That is just a summary of the list.  Go read Enterprise Trends To Watch in 2010 for more detail. As mentioned above it was split up into two posts…so make sure you read them both.

I like the focus on WOA and mobile technologies. Mobile really is a key trend that looms over all of these trends and the enterprise architecture needs to embrace that future.

And as mentioned, I love the fact that Alex singled out Community Management as a key trend to watch in 2010!  Community managers have been discounted for so many years.