Scott Monty: Social Media Predictions for 2010

Scott Monty

Scott Monty is the Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager for Ford Motor Company. Scott has been kind of a trail-blazer in the enterprise social media world. He is a frequent speaker at social media conferences, blogger, and early adopter of twitter. His blog, The Social Media Marketing Blog, is a very popular blog.

He recently posted his thoughts on what’s in store for social media in 2010 in a post on his blog titled “Social Media Predictions for 2010”. Here is a summary of the main points he makes in his post

  1. There's Power in (Smaller) Numbers.  Expect to see a contraction of networked relationships. Individuals will reevaluate who they have ‘friended’ and corporations will target a core group of influencers.
  2. All Social Media is Local:  Location-based services applications will drive new behavior in social networks.

  3. Silent E:  Scott says not to forget about email. In fact, he expects to see a renewed effort on email marketing, as it is integrated into social campaigns.

  4. Other Trends:  Scott does not go into detail (perhaps saving it for a future post) but he also mentions three other key trends… 1) mobile, 2) fuller integration of PR and marketing, and 3) more focus on quality content in 2010.

You can read his full post with detail on the above trends at “Social Media Predictions for 2010”.