Six Megatrends for 2015

I found an interesting discussion of 2015 trends on the Swisscom website. Click here to go to Swisscom’s Vision 2015 page.  I think the content is actually about a year old, but it still seems relevant to me. 

Here is a summary of the six megatrends discussed:

  1. Continuous Reinvention: From familiar boundaries to ever-changing focal points. As mobility and interconnectedness break down the traditional boundaries between roles, functions, organizations, and cultures, emergent phenomena will create a complex landscape in which ephemeral focal points briefly reinvent work, commerce, and daily life—and then fade away.
  2. The Engaged Consumer: From infomated consumers to digitally expressive consumers. From youth growing up on the Internet to aging baby boomers who continue to seek new meanings from life, consumers will shift their attention from rational, efficient transactions to meaning-making—focusing on active participation and self-expression.
  3. Proactive Environments: From user controls to sensors and agents. As digital technology becomes increasingly embedded in the physical objects of daily life, human environments will begin to anticipate human needs, using sensors, pattern recognition, user profiles, and agent-based modeling to deliver services and content custom-tailored to the moment.
  4. An Economy of Well-Being: From medical models to market opportunities. Biotechnology and digital technology will intersect with a growing emphasis on health values in everyday life to create a burgeoning health economy in which consumers will look for health and well-being in a host of unexpected places.
  5. Instant Business: From strategic partnering to opportunistic sourcing From social networking software to agent-based contracting, the tools of the enterprise will create a world in which ad hoc relationships—and new cooperative strategies—drive business growth and global trade.
  6. Grassroots Innovation: From proprietary inventions to grassroots innovation. Riding the waves of peer-to-peer technology, social software, and unlicensed spectrum, innovation will feature ever more challenges to conventional markets, proprietary processes, and private property.

If you explore the material, you’ll find a neat pdf file that provides a graphical storyline of the six trends summarized above.   Suggest you bring the pdf file up on your system then navigate around it using the magnifier to zoom in/zoom out.  I am thinking about going to the local copy shop and getting a poster size printed out.