Steve Strauss: Top 10 Trends In Small Business

INTLE029 Small business are the engine of any economy.  No doubt that in 2010 the eye will be on small businesses to see if they can collectively help get the economy back on track.

Steven D. Strauss is a lawyer, author and speaker who specializes in small business and entrepreneurship.  He recently had a couple articles published in USA Today that provided a list of top trends for small business.   Here is a short summary of his list of Top Trends in Small Business, 2010:

  1. The Start-Up Economy:   While the state of the economy will continue to impact small businesses, it is small businesses that will jump start the recovery. 
  2. Mobile Mania:  Mobile marketing is exploding. In 2010 there will be mobile options galore for small business.
  3. Sharing vs. Shared Experiences:  1) people look for, and increasingly expect, the personal, and 2) small, localized, immediate user-created media are where the eyeballs are headed. 
  4. Going Local:  Consumers are increasingly looking for a local angle when looking where to spend their hard-earned dollar.
  5. Social Media Grows Up:  Hop on the social media train because it's headed out of the station at light speed.
  6. Green Opportunities:  There will continue to be opportunities galore in the eco-sphere for the entrepreneur.
  7. Welcome the Era of Hyper-Connectivity:   The accelerating trend is towards using a variety of tools to create an e-interconnectedness and manage your digital brand.
  8. Less Money, More Responsibility: More and more small business will have to learn to get by on less, even while their financial burden grows.
  9. The New Employee:  Employees are shifting, or are being shifted, to part-time or independent contract status.  Full-time employment with full-time benefits is becoming harder and harder to find, and to offer.
  10. The New Frugality:  People are spending less, saving more, and are looking for bargains.  

The two articles can be found here Top 10 trends in Small Business and here Ask an Expert: Top 10 trends in small business continued

For more from Steven D. Strauss….he writes columns for USA Today newspaper (see previous columns here), has a book out:  The Small Business Bible and authors a newsletter, "Small Business Success Secrets!"  

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  1. This post was very helpful for me to look at the big picture. I often get lost in the small details and forget about the long-term plan. Thanks for the info!

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