Sustainability: IBM Websites, Social Media, White Papers and Presentations

Sustainability Green IT, Sustainability, Energy, Climate change related issues are becoming more important to businesses.  What to do about these critical issues are increasingly being discussed today in corporate boardrooms. Business leaders are actively wanting to find ways to reduce both 1)costs and 2)impact on the environment by minimizing energy usage, water usage, carbon emissions and waste. Technology will play a big part in the solutions that are proposed and implemented.  In 2013, I expect companies and governments to continue to develop strategies and implement sustainability information technology solutions.  

IBM is one company in the I.T. industry that has clearly called out sustainability as an important area for the company.  IBM provides lots of content for visitors to it’s websites, including white papers and presentations.   Below you will find direct links to the most IBM current reports, websites, and social accounts related to the sustainability trend.  The reports and sites below are all hotlinked.  If you see something that is missing, let me know and I will revise this post.

IBM Websites

IBM on Social Platforms

IBM Sustainability and Green I.T. White Papers & Presentations

  • Crossing the Sustainability Chasm – Strategies and tactics to achieve sustainability goals.  An IBM Software Thought Leadership White Paper, published May 2012, 16 pages 
  • Smarter Buildings: Using data to drive optimized building performance – Commercial buildings utilize more than 42 percent of all electricity produced, yet waste up to 50 percent of it. Now, more than ever before, we need Smarter Buildings,  An IBM Global Business Services Thought Leadership White Paper, published June 2012, 8 pages
  • The New Face of Sustainability on a Smarter Planet –  Let’s build a smarter planet.  One page executive brief. 
  • Green and beyond:  Getting smarter about the environment – An IBM Global Business Services Institute for Business Value (IBV) Thought Leadership White Paper, written by Karen Butner and Jacqueline Jasiota Gregory, published in September 2009, 161 pages (executive summary version also available) 
  • Smarter Data Centers Achieving Greater Efficiency – an IBM Redbook publication, published October 2011, 138 pages
  • The emergence of the eco-efficient economy – An IBM Global Business Services Institute for Business Value (IBV) Thought Leadership White Paper includes findings from an online 2010 jam that featured 1600 participants from over 60 different countries.  Published April 2010, 16 pages
  • Cutting the carbon footprint of IT – How organizations can reduce both carbon footprint and it’s costs at the same time.  Written by Richard Lanyon-Hogg, CTO IBM Green Technologies, IBMUK Ltd., Published June 2007, 24 pages
  • How much energy do your IT devices use?  A guide to comparing their efficiency and cutting their carbon footprint, supported by the UK Government’s Green CIO, Written by Richard Lanyon-Hogg, CTO IBM Green Technologies, IBMUK Ltd., Published June 2009, 12 pages  
  • Driving performance through sustainability  An IBM Global Services Institute for Business Value (IBV) Report, written by Karen Butner, Published June 2011, 20 pages
  • US and International Building Energy and Sustainability Issues, Policy and Directions – A presentation to Jeffrey Harris, Senior VP Programs, IBM Analytics Solution Center, Presented October 17, 2012,  20 slides
  • Smarter Cities: Smarter Buildings – Building for an Uncertain Future:  Sustainable Building Products, presented by Anthony Bernheim, FAIA, LEED Fellow, Presented February 2012, 42 Slides
  • Accelerate to Green IT – A practical guide toapplication migration and re-hosting – A developerWorks paper, written by Joydipto Baneree, Debasis Choudhuri, and LK Swift, Published 16Jul2012, 26 pages