2015 Trend Reports Are Now Available

Public versions of my 2015 Trend Reports are now available at my HorizonWatching Slideshare account.   Direct links to the 2015 reports are as follows:

I’d love to hear your feedback on these reports.  Let me know how you are using them.   I’m on Twitter and LinkedIn… so those are probably the best places to keep in touch with me.

Cognitive Computing Trend and Prediction Articles for 2014

We are fast-approaching a new era of computing called cognitive computing. Cognitive computing systems will learn, interact and adapt naturally to support consumers, knowledge workers and business decision makers. This new computing era is not an incremental change. It will disrupt industries and how work gets performed within those industries. It signifies a fundamental shift in how machines interact with us and the environment.

I recently published my trend report  Cognitive Computing Trends to Watch in 2014.   The report provides an overview of Cognitive Computing and what to watch in 2014 in related topics like IBM Watson, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Machines.   In the deck, I provide  important trends and predictions about Cognitive Computing trends in 2014.

Below I’ve provided you some articles on this trend that I thought you would want to read.

Source Title
The Economist Group The machine of a new soul
BGR What might finally take Siri to the next level? You.
IPWatchdog What is a Computer?
opus Research 10 Trends to Watch: Conversational Commerce 2014
inside BigData A Look Ahead at Big Data and Cognitive Computing
Wired Innovation Insights Artificial Intelligence Set to Deliver ‘Wow’
CSC Becoming a Believer in Artificial Intelligence
New York Times Brainlike Computers, Learning From Experience
IBM Bringing Cognitive Computing to the Enterprise
The Bridge Cognition-as-a-Service will be big in 2014


Internet of Things: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

My Internet of Things: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report is available for you to download out on Slideshare.  I’ve embedded it below.

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to everyday physical objects that have embedded sensors, actuators and chips in them that allow the capture and communication of data.  These devices are then linked through both wired and wireless networks to the Internet.  The IoT trend is all about enabling these devices and then using the information collected as a result as a tool to make our lives better and help us make better decisions.  The IoT is therefore seen by many as an ultimate solution for automating business processes — in the real-world and in real-time.

If you look around your own home,  you will see that sensors are being embedded in all sorts of ‘things’ from fitness monitors, to cars, to appliances.   There are forecasts from industry analysts that say there will be up to 100 billion uniquely identifiable objects connected to the Internet by 2020.  Many of these devices will be able to talk to other devices and computers without any human intervention.  Enterprises can deploy their own sensor networks, building sense and respond systems that can work autonomously.  Some say that the IoT will be the most disruptive technological revolution since the advent of the World Wide Web.

Trends to Watch in 2013 for the Internet of Things

  1. Thank you IPv6!: Connectivity and Communications of IoT is enabled by IPv6, which is replacing IPv4.
  2. It’s About Sensors: They are getting smaller, smarter, and cheaper….and there are billions of them.
  3. Machine to Machine: Sensor and systems of sensors talking to each other and data centers via wireless communications
  4. Like A Nervous System: IoT can enable an automated sense and respond system for any business process or application.
  5. Big Data to get Bigger: All these ‘things’ (sensors) will produce even more data than we have now, taxing our already complex enterprise Information Management systems.
  6. IoT Analytics: Advanced analytics and dashboards will be needed to provide insights from all the ‘things’.
  7. Clouds that Scale: Some IoT systems and networks may have to scale quickly and autonomously.
  8. CIOs Need to Prepare: CIO Leaders and Innovators will begin strategizing how to best make use of IoT for their organizations.
  9. Education Needed: Expect increased demand for education and skills training related to Sensor Networks and what to do with the data collected.
  10. Product Design: Consumers and Customers will increasingly expect products to come with embedded sensors.

The IoT Trend Report

Mashable’s Pete Cashmore: 10 Web Trends to Watch in 2010

Mashable Pete Cashmore Pete Cashmore (Twitter mashable) is founder and CEO of Mashable, a very popular blog about social media.   He is a frequent speaker and a recognized subject matter expert on all things social and digital media.  Besides Mashable, he also writes a weekly column for CNN.com and back in early December, he published his list of 10 Web trends to watch in 2010.

Cashmore’s Top Ten Trends

  1. Real-time ramps up:  There’s a growing demand for immediacy in our interactions. Immediacy is compelling, engaging, highly addictive … it's a sense of living in the now.
  2. Location, location, location:  Location based services is not about any singular service; rather, it's a new layer of the Web.
  3. Augmented reality:  The AR hype is here. It’s a cool application, but AR vendors need to demonstrate real benefits.
  4. Content 'curation':   Content creation is outpacing our ability to consume it and increasingly, your friends are becoming the curators of your consumption.
  5. Cloud computing:  Cloud computing, a buzzword of 2009, will get its legs in 2010. 
  6. Internet TV and movies:  Is 2010 the year the majority of our television starts coming to us via the Internet? 
  7. Convergence conundrum:  Why do we need multiple devices (ipod, camera, phone, videocamera, watch) when we can have it all in one device?
  8. Social gaming:   Social gaming and the related virtual currencies these games have spawned is something to watch in 2010.
  9. Mobile payments:  Pete says 2010 will be the breakthrough year of the much-anticipated mobile payments market.
  10. Fame abundance, privacy scarcity:  Pete says to expect personal privacy — or rather its continued erosion — to be a hot media topic of 2010.

Pete gives us some interesting things to think about with his list.   Number 4, Content Curation hits home with me as does does number 10, Privacy.  I’ve been waiting for #6 to happen for a few years.  I have not yet jumped in feet first with all the social gaming (#8)….probably because I just don’t have time.

For a 4 minute video of Pete introducing some of these trends, check out the video below (found at http://us.cnn.com/video/?/video/tech/2009/12/08/cb.web.trends.cnn)