The HorizonWatching Blog Begins!!

It has been a long time coming, but I’ve finally decided to start this blog.  I’ve picked the name HorizonWatching, as it not only refers to what I do for a living, but it is named after the community I lead wthin IBM that is called HorizonWatch.  As the name implies, the focus of the HorizonWatch community is sharing knowledge on emerging business issues, technology trends and IBM opportunities.  This is what I hope to do here on HorizonWatching as well.

Within IBM, my full time job is to research, analyze, and write about emerging topics that will have an impact on IBM’s ability to grow.  I started the IBM internal HorizonWatch Community six years ago with an objective to provide Executive, Strategy, and Marketing teams with an early warning identification system of new/emerging opportunities, threats and trends in the marketplace.  The community has evolved into a collaborative network of people who are all interested in hearing about and discussing these emerging topics.

HorizonWatch is a ‘grass roots’ community within IBM that has almost 1500 members.  These people come from all divisions/locations within IBM.  The community ‘meets’ via conference calls and I communicate with them via emails and my internal HorizonWatch blog, which I have been writing since September 2006.

I am hope that by launching this HorizonWatching blog, I reach a whole new set of people who are, like me, interested in learning about and collaborating on emerging topics of interest to businesses worldwide.

So, welcome readers to the HorizonWatching blog!!!