Top 10 Emerging Market Multinationals

I read an article that Newsweek published over the weekend providing a list of top 10 multinational companies from emerging markets that will likely have a strong impact on the global economy.  Newsweek had asked Antoine van Agtmael, who coined the term "emerging markets" in 1981 and runs the $25 billion Emerging Markets Management Fund, to develop this list.  Here is the list (Note:  All URL links point to english websites)

1.  Samsung Electronics – South Korea.  A well known global brand is beating Sony at their own game.  Samsung has a huge R&D budget and is the market share leader in flat screens. 

2.  Hyundai Motor –  South Korea.   This global manufacturer of automobiles has plants in the U.S., China, India, and Korea.  An emerging force in the industry, Hyundai last year passed Toyota in the J.D. Power car quality survey.   

3.  Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) – Taiwan.   A high volume producer of wafers for logic semiconductors, TSMC’s plants are state-of-the-art with the lowest break-even operating level in its industry.

4. Hon Hai -Taiwan.  While not a common household name, this high volume contract electronic manufacturer makes things everyone is using worldwide, including laptops for Dell, Playstations for Sony, handsets for Nokia,  iPods for Apple and numerous other everyday electronics.

5. Lenovo – China.  We all know the story here.  Lenovo is the largest computer brand in the fast-growing Chinese market and it will no doubt have huge impact on the global economy.

6. Infosys – India.   One of the large emerging Indian service companies, Infosys leverages the huge pool of cheap brainpower coming out of India’s elite technology institutes.

7. Cemex – Mexico.  Cemex is the world’s third-largest cement producer.  They are in acquisition mode and therefore are expected to become even bigger.      

8. CVRD – Brazil.  CVRD is a global mining giant with interests in manganese, iron ore, nickel and copper that is currently focused on acquiring smaller companies in local countries.

9. Embraer –  Brazil.  Embraer is the world’s fourth largest airplane manufacturer.  It has accurately forecasted the increase in demand for regional jets and is capitalizing on that trend.

10. Grupo Modelo – Mexico.   A fast growing brewer of beers, including the popular Corona brand, this company is expanding into other countries.

Antoine van Agtmael’s recent book "The Emerging Markets Century" (Free Press, 2007) goes into detail how the emerging market countries are churning out these large multinationals.   The Newsweek article was found at::