Virtualization: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

My “Virtualization: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report” is available out on Slideshare.  See the embedded deck at the bottom of this post.    The report provides an overview of the Virtualization trend and what’s in store for 2013.  The report contains summary information about the trend with many links to additional resources to aid in learning more about Virtualization.

Virtualization helps drive more business value from an IT infrastructure. By decoupling logical resources from physical assets, virtualization enables businesses to be more agile, allowing them to changing business conditions or changing business strategies.  Virtualization is certainly not a new trend, but it’s become very popular in the past 5-6 years as enterprises learn they can cut costs and prepare for cloud computing by implementing virtualization technologies.  Watch the video below for an overview of Virtualization.

Top Virtualization Trends to Watch in 2013

  • Server and Storage Virtualization:  SMB Market catches the wave, but needs services and solutions to be tailored to them.
  • More Than Just Servers & Storage:  Large Enterprise focus turns rest of infrastructure, including  Desktop, Networks, and Data Center
  • Desktop Virtualization:  Growth continues with focus on network security & efficiency, driven by the mobile and BYOD trend
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN):  Expect lots of activity as SDN demand continues to grow and product innovation occurs
  • Virtualizing Linux Workloads:  Linux server virtualization grows and plays “catch up” to Windows
  • Containerization:  Interest increases in O/S Virtualization
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Activity grows and valuations increase
  • Vendor Competition Heats Up:   VMWare is King – but competitors are becoming more attractive
    • Lower prices:  More competition means lower prices
    • Innovation:  More compeition means more innovation
    • Multiple Vendor Strategy:  Growing number of firms try this approach


Virtualization:  A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report